Bankruptcy is still an option for most people after the new law!

Many people have the wrong impression that bankruptcy relief is no longer available under the new bankruptcy law.  In fact, the new bankruptcy laws have little effect on most people and in some cases the new laws are even more favorable then they were before.    

Bankruptcy - Your own "personal bailout"

What do Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CitiBank, General Motors and you have in common?  You’re all filing bankruptcy (or considering it). The only difference is the banks are receiving billions of dollars in government aid and you’re stuck with debt that you can’t pay.  If the mortgage companies and credit cards banks had used their bailout funds the way they were supposed to, to help you, you might not be having to file bankruptcy.  But they haven’t helped you, so you need to help yourself.  Bankruptcy is your personal bailout.

What can you still do in bankruptcy?

  • Stop Creditor Harrassment!

  • Stop lawsuits!

  • Get rid of credit card debt!

  • Get rid of medical bills of all kinds!

  • Keep your home and your cars in
    most cases!

  • Get rid of auto loan debts, after the
    vehicle is repo’d!

  • Stop wage garnishments and get back all money garnished from you within 90 days of filing!

  • Discharge some state and federal taxes!

  • Get rid of debt without having to enter into a repayment program, if your income is in the range of the median income for your family in your state

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Famous People
Who Have Filed

Many famous people have filed for bankruptcy. Even our 16th President Abraham Lincoln filed for bankruptcy twice. If these high profile people can get into financial trouble, it can happen to anyone. These notable people took advantage of their constitutional right to use bankruptcy to get a fresh start.

Abraham Lincoln,
16th President of the United States

Walt Disney,
Oscar - winning film producer, animation & theme park pioneer

Henry Ford,
Automobile manufacturer

Francis F. Coppola,
Oscar - winning film writer - director - producer

Buckminster Fuller,
Architect-futurist-inventor of geodesic dome

Charles Goodyear,
discovered how to vulcanize rubber

Larry King,
talk-show host, best selling author (1978)

Immanuel Nobel,
philanthropist who founded the Nobel Prize

Johannes Gutenberg
Inventor of movable type

William C. Durant
Founder of General Motor

Samuel L. Clemens ("Mark Twain")
best - selling American author

Ulysses S. Grant
18th US President; Civil War general, face is pictured on the US fifty dollar bill

Willie Nelson

Nikola Tesla
Invented alternating current

Donald Trump
billionaire entrepreneur

Tom Petty,
rock star (1979)

Mark Twain,
Huckleberry Finn author

George Clinton,
rock star (1984)

William C. Durant,
Founder of General Motors

P.T. Barnum
Great circus owner


Kim Basinger
Oscar - winning actress (1993)

Buster Keaton
Actor, The General

John Barrymore
Actor; Romeo & Juliet